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80% of poker players fail to make a profit over the long run

Memorizing preflop ranges, buying training materials, studying solver outputs, knowing when it's correct to discard theory and exploit your opponent ... There's so much going on.


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Everything you need to fine tune your strategy and maximize profit

  • Identify leaks and find new ways to maximize value in the hands that you have played on the felt
  • Expand your poker community and refine your strategy by providing feedback and reviewing comments
  • Upvote the best feedback and discussions to ensure you (and others) are making the correct adjustments to your game
  • Improve your game, discover new strategies, and earn new badges and swag for participating in the community and helping others

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Technically, Handsnap isn't a training site. There are no training materials or strategy guides. Instead, Handsnap is intended to be a supplemental resource to fine tune your strategy with hand history review.
  • There will be an affordable, one-time lifetime membership fee for the first 100 members at launch. Join the waitlist to ensure you don't miss out on launch day!

  • Handsnap will have a handful of features to ensure you can identify the best feedback on your hands. Member badges, karma, and upvoting will help you weigh the best decisions.
  • Training sites and solvers are important to develop a baseline strategy, but hand history review is critical when it comes to putting these strategies into practice. Leaning on the experience of an expanded poker circle will only benefit your development.
  • If you play live PLO or NLH, cash or MTT, you will benefit from joining Handsnap. Members can filter by game, stakes, and situation to match your specific interest.

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